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Miswak 6" Vacumm Packed Natural Flavor

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Siwak "Miswak" is One Amazing Natural Toothbrush, comes from the Roots of The Peelu Salvadora Persica Tree, which carrys Numerous Miracles and Benefits, it Comes vacuum sealed to retain freshness and softness.

Miswak exhibits antibiotic like effect which suppresses the growth of bacteria in gums and the formation of plaque on tooth. Regular use of Miswak significantly reduces plaque, gingivitis, and the growth of cariogenic bacteria.

No toothpaste required! Miswak, naturally contains many components such as fluoride, astringents, detergents, resins (a possible enamel protectant) and abrasives.

Common Names: Salt bush, Mustard tree, The tooth brush tree.
Internationally known as: Arak, Siwak, Peelu, Miswak.
Scientific Name: Salvadora Persica.

Potential Dental Benefits With Regular Use:
1. Helps prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay.
2. Helps minimize tooth decay and toothache.
3. Creates a Winterfresh fragrance in the mouth.
4. Helps reduce Bacteria in Mouth.
5. Improves the sense of taste.
6. Sharpens the memory.
7. Is a cure for headaches.
8. Causes the teeth to glow.
9. Strengthens eyesight.
10. Assists in digestion.
11. Clears the voice.
12. Most effective to quit Smoking.

Simply scrape off bark from the tip (1/2"), then chew the tip gently until the fiber becomes soft and form toothbrush like bristles.

Remember to always brush the teeth away from the gums. Brush the teeth in a up and down movements till the cutting edge of the teeth.

In case the Miswak dries out, dip it in a glass of water (preferably Rose water) for 15 minutes.

Store the Miswak in a closed and dry place.

Miswak must be cut fresh every 2-3 days and get a new Miswak on a monthly basis.

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